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Close-up Magic, in-the-hand-magic, close-hand magic and walkabout magic are essentially all the same thing. It describes a magician walking about performing to small groups of people at let's say a drinks reception or around tables at a buffet or formal dinner.

The magician invariably carries everything they need to perform on their person and they work in between courses at dinner or during a pre-dinner reception, and they can work after a dinner too. 



A close-up magician works particularly well when you have groups of people who don't know each other e.g. an awards dinner, business event or a wedding. The magician can offer a talking point, a moment of solid entertainment along with the guaranteed laughter and gasps. That said, a close-up walkabout magician during a family and friends party, a works dinner or event where everyone knows each other, can really generate an amazing atmosphere. It's this 'buzz', that's created by people witnessing the impossible and (more importantly) seeing the people they know enjoying themselves, is the unique thing a magician can bring to an event.


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With over 25 years experience having worked every kind of event in every kind of venue for every kind of person or business, Jasper has the skill and ability to entertain people no matter what walk-of-life they come from. 

However the one thing that really sets Jasper apart from just booking the first magician you happen to Google, is that Jasper is a professional comic, he knows how to make people laugh and mixing that with some World-Class magic and you have yourself a guaranteed quality entertainer for your event.


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Cabaret Magic is where a magician stands on the ground or on a slightly raised stage and entertains an entire room all at once. The cabaret usually lasts anywhere from 10 minutes to 45 minutes depending on what's required. 







A cabaret magician can be a real highlight to an event. Usually lasting anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes, the magician will stand on the ground or on a slightly raised stage and they're usually mic'd up. The 'cabaret' or 'show', can be a great break between a formal dinner and an awards ceremony, auction and or raffle. The cabaret also works incredibly well as a chance for a CEO, Director or 'higher-ups' to be seen in a 'more light-hearted' way by their peers or staff (obviously this is only when desired). Jasper's cabarets are always fun, a bit silly but never lacking in powerful impactful magic and guarantee laughs and gasps, it's the perfect way to unify a room and raise the energy levels after eating and drinking ( you need people ready for a charity auction, raffle or to pay attention to speeches or an awards ceremony). Jasper is able to cater for any style of event and is delighted to discuss bespoke tailor-made routines that incorporate a company, sponsor or product. 


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Event Hosting, Host, Emcee, M.C., Master Of Ceremonies or Compere are all terms for the same thing, it essentially means the person who makes all the announcements for an event and ensures all the guests or delegates know what to do and when. 










The exact duties and responsibilities for an Event Host can vary quite a lot, for example:

  • Calling people into dinner for a party or Awards Event

  • Introducing other presenters or speakers to the stage

  • The Event Host can also be the presenter, speech giver and Awards Presenter too

  • The Event Host (in Jasper's case) can also be the Close-Up Magician & Cabaret Act too

  • The Event Host (in Jasper's case) can also host an auction and/or raffle too


An Event Host can be seen as the 'glue' that holds an event together.


Just think of a large event you've been to in the past where nobody really knew what was going on, what table are you all on?, where's the loo?, where's the bar?, are the awards now or later?, how's does the charity auction work?, where are the raffle tickets?, is there a band?, is there a cabaret? and why does the whole event feel like a shambles?

An Event Host should help to ease all these difficulties by guiding, informing and reassuring guests at the same time as entertaining them.  

Jasper is such an Event Host.


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About Jasper

Whether it's for a handful of people at an intimate dinner party, dozens in a restaurant or hundreds at a corporate event, Jasper has the greatest skill of any close-up or cabaret magician and is able to entertain, amuse and amaze.

With over 25 years of experience, Jasper has had a truly extraordinary career so far.  He's an associate Member of the Inner Magic Circle with Silver Star, has performed in a multi-million dollar illusion show at The Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas; had a one-man-show at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival; clinched a deal releasing two mind reading dvds in Europe and North Amercia (featuring his skills as a cabaret magician); starred alongside childhood hero (the late) Paul Daniels; appeared on regional and national television; became a headline UK stand-up comic, appearing at major clubs across the country as well as performing at both V Festival Comedy Stages in front of over two thousand people; he's lectured and performed magic from Tel Aviv to Istanbul, from France to Venice as well as the U.S. ; he's worked for every major bank and scores of blue chip companies, he's had sell-out regional one-man shows for over a decade and he was previously voted UK's Best Corporate Entertainer Runner-Up by Industry professionals.

He's also owns The UK's Smallest Theatre & The World's Smallest Magic Theatre too!


Jasper is a unique magical entertainer and event host of unquestionable talent and he'd be thrilled to talk to you about all your entertainment needs.

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