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Welcome to The Small Space - 5 Island Rd, Barry, CF62 7AR

We're reopening in September 2021, but things will be a little different.

Our main priority is to ensure that all our patrons feel safe from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave and we're continually adapting to changing rules and regulations.

On Arrival:

Whilst we won't be asking for people to test before they come or prove they've had both jabs, we will be taking your temperature at the door after you've sanitised your hands.  

During the evening:

We will have our commercial air conditioning on throughout the evening with its amazing filters - we've already been experiencing the benefits. 


We will have hand sanitiser in several parts of the venue,  plus we'll be cleaning 'high usage' areas (like the loo) even more than normal. 


Whilst bar staff will continue to wear masks where appropriate, all patrons by law, don't have to, but, if you feel you wish to wear a mask at times or even for the whole time, that is entirely up to you.


We might also ask for patrons to spread out more between the floors during the breaks .


We want everyone to feel safe when they visit our theatre, so if at any time time during your visit you feel something should be addressed, please do make a member of staff aware. 

We are committed to making your visit enjoyable and safe.

Jasper Blakeley - Owner