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Our 90 Minute Family Shows feature 2 x 45 minute halves with Resident Magicians Bryan and Jasper taking it in turn to perform routines on their own or together.


Who is the show aimed at?


We recommend our Family Magic Show for 8 year olds and up to teenagers, but that’s only a ‘recommendation’. There is nothing scary or inappropriate for younger children, but it’s only you who’ll know if your younger child can sit happily for 2 x 45 minute halves.  If your child is between 6 and 8 and regularly goes to the theatre then we’d be delighted to welcome them. Generally speaking any child under 6 will find it hard to follow. Adults will get as much from the show as children as this is a ‘Family’ Show not a kids show.



On Arrival


Guests are asked to arrive from 30 minutes before the advertised start time of the show (usually 12.30pm or 5.30pm depending if you’re coming to the 1pm or the 6pm show) just ring the bell on the door outside, Jasper will greet you and take you to the upstairs bar where you can leave your coats and get yourself a drink and popcorn or sweets before the show starts. Once all the guests have arrived guests are asked to take their seats downstairs then the first half starts – you can take your drinks and snacks down with you. After the first half, following a 10/15 minute interval, where you can get yourselves another drink or snack, guests are asked to retake their seats for the second half.  Depending how long the interval takes and allowing for any late-comers, the show usually finishes by  7.45pm or 2.45pm  depending if you’re at an afternoon or evening performance.


The Show Contents


The show contains family friendly silliness, very strong mind-reading, sleight of hand and conjouring, everything is light-hearted and quite high-energy without being too noisy or shouty – again, this is a ‘Family’ show not a kids show and our style is funny, witty, satirical with a sprinkling of ridiculous and a touch of ‘edge’.  Basically you just have to see it.