The Small Space can be hired for a private cinema party of up to 16 people formally or up to 25 informally (recommended). The difference between the numbers is that the 16 seat formal version means we install our rake seating and everyone is there to ‘seriously’ watch a film, the ‘informal’ up to 25 person party means that the 25 chairs are on the flat and there are little tables around for drinks. Everyone can still see the screen, but you can fit more people in and it’s a party showing a well loved classic movie and everyone is free to get up and down throughout. This ‘informal’ party has tended to be more popular as it’s assumed the vast majority already know and love the film they’ve come to see.


Unlike the ‘public’ cinema screenings, being a private party you can choose the film you’d like to see (assuming we can get the license for that particular film), plus we are much more flexible on start times. If you’d like to have more than just the usual cinema popcorn and sweets,  there’s the option to add food with our fantastic cold meats and cheese buffet. The buffet is usually served during an interval usually half way through the film.


For more details, special offers, current prices and to find a suitable date, please email  or call Jasper on 07973 731335

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