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Since launching our artisan buffet, it has proved incredibly popular. As a five star hygiene rated venue, the buffet is laid out (covered) in the upstairs bar before any guests arrived. The buffet usually gets served halfway through the evening, either during the interval of a magic show or half-way through a film screening at a cinema party.


Our buffet generally consists of  a variety of soft and hard Welsh cheeses from ‘The Welsh Cheese Company’, Welsh quality chutneys, organic and varied breads, crackers, crisps, nuts, olives, grapes, cold sliced ham and cold Italian meats. We always over-cater for the numbers so there is always plenty of food even for the biggest of appetites.


If there are any special dietary requirements, please make us aware at the point of booking and we shall endeavour to cater for them.


Everything is finger food and we use real plates.


For all private hires we are happy to run a tab at the bar or price up a welcome drink if preferred.


If you’d like to bring along your own celebratory cake please let us know in advance. 


For more details, special offers, current prices and to find a suitable date, please email  or call The Box Office between 10am and 4pm Monday to Saturday on 07878 755387

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