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Our Resident Magician Shows are normally every Friday and Saturday night (please check What’s On for dates) and feature Bryan and Jasper, two World-Class Magic Circle Magicians. Please note, occasionally these shows are billed as ‘Solo’ shows if either Bryan or Jasper are booked elsewhere that particular night.


All shows are 90 minutes plus a short interval. Bryan and Jasper take it in turn to perform 45 minutes each with a mix of gambling, conjuring and mind-reading.  The shows themselves change about every nine months with Bryan and Jasper changing who goes first, so if you’re in any doubt as to whether you’ve seen a certain show before please just get in touch.


The shows are fully interactive and we’ve discovered that even the shyest of visitors can’t help but want to get involved. The atmosphere is extremely relaxed and informal and many people remark it feels more like a ‘house party’ than a theatre experience.


The Format


Guests are asked to arrive from 7pm and ring the bell on the door outside, Jasper will greet you and take you to the upstairs bar where you can leave your coats and get yourself a drink before the show starts. Once all the guests have arrived guests are asked to take their seats downstairs then the first half starts – you can take your drinks down with you. Following a 15/20 minute interval, where you can get yourselves another drink, guests are asked to retake their seats for the second half.  Depending how long the interval takes and allowing for any late-comers, the formal magic finishes by 9.30/9.45, following that the bar serves until last orders at 10.45 with the venue closing at 11.30. Depending on numbers and who stays to have a drink after the main show, there can be up to 30 minutes of close-up bar magic too.