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As a trained actor and journalist turned comedian and magician, Jasper Blakeley has a vast amount of experience in performance and corporate entertainment. Whether it’s genuinely risking his life being chained up, blindfolded and holding his breath doing an Houdini-style underwater escape in a multi-million dollar illusion show on the Las Vegas Strip, performing real live Russian Roulette with four revolvers or just headlining the biggest comedy clubs in the UK, Jasper definitely has ‘chops’. As a previous producer of some of the UK’s biggest radio programmes, including The Pepsi Chart and the 1996 Atlanta Olympics with ITV’s Jim Rosenthal, creating bespoke on-air advertising packages for World-Wide brands and co-ordinating strategic partnerships with advertisers and over a hundred commercial radio stations across several different networks, Jasper’s experience is extraordinary, vast and varied. With almost two decades of corporate entertaining under his belt, sometimes being flown to Venice for a large corporate party, organising multiple magicians for black-tie dinners, wowing clients at global sporting finals, launching supercars or hosting award ceremonies for household brands, Jasper has worked at every level of business and at almost every kind of event imaginable.      

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